Watches & Wonders 2020: Panerai celebrates the Luminor

2020 marks the 70th anniversary of Panerai’s iconic model, the Luminor. To celebrate the occasion the watchmaker has released new iterations of the timepiece that started everything. 

Luminor Marina – 44 mm 

Limited to 270 pieces and exclusive to Panerai boutiques this watch is made of sandblasted titanium. The Bezel, winding crown, and Safety Lock crown-protecting device are made of the same material but have an extra luminescent profile, which gives it a totally different look in the darkness. 

The luminescence of the Luminor Marina – 44 mm disrupts tradition by going beyond the normal features of hour markers and hands. It breaks the borders of the luminosity, usually confined on the dial, giving the model a more striking recognizable identity.

Guaranteed for 70 years, this new 44mm Luminor features a blue with sunray finish, sandwich structure, with Arabic numerals and hour markers in green Super-LumiNovaTM with green luminescence. Small seconds at 9 o’clock, date at 3 o’clock.

The strap is made of Panerai Sportech with blue with luminous sewing and Velcro closure, specially design for this edition.

Luminor Marina Carbotech

Another boutique exclusive, the Luminor Marina Carbotech brings the very successful Carbotech material to the Luminor collection.

Also guaranteed for 70 years, the Luminor Carbotech is powered by the calibre P.9010 movement with automatic winding, a calibre entirely designed and developed by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel.

The new Luminor Marina Carbotech has been through a special treatment applied not only to the iconic elements of Luminor case such as the bridge protecting the winding-crown and its locking lever but also to the flange, the inscriptions on the dial and the stitching of the Sportech strap.

Luminor Marina FibratechTM 

The brand is presenting a new material, the Fibratech coming from the fusion of basalt rock and minerals additive. These fibers are bound with high-end polymers to become thin layers that are superimposed in a precise orientation and then enhance the watch appearance with its opaque and uneven texture.

Exclusively available in Panerai boutiques around the world, the limited edition of 270 pieces is coated in Super-Luminova a substance resulting in the fusion of tradition and advanced research and the brand’s historical heritage.

This 44mm timepieces has a rugged look but also packs a punch. Powered by the in-house P.9010 movement which gives the Luminor Fibratech a 3 Days power reserve.

The Luminor Marina DMLS

Panerai is presenting a new production process for this Luminor Marina. Surprisingly light and at the same time incredibly resilient, the case is made of titanium with Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology, a futuristic 3D printing process by which titanium powder, sintered by a high power fiber optic laser.

This process is unique for 2 reasons. First, it allows the creation of a very unique blend of material providing the watch with extra durability. Second, it creates hollow cavities to keep the watch under a certain weight. This innovation allows the Luminor Marina to remain light, boast a very unique look and be as durable as possible.

The Laboratorio di Idee is taking us on another adventure with their new creation, the Submersible EcoPangaeaTM Tourbillon GMT – 50 mm Mike Horn Edition. This sophisticated and authentically environmentally sensitive watch is designed to be used as a tool watch, even though it features a tourbillon.

One interesting feature of this watch is the new EcoPangeaTM high-tech steel.  This new material Composed of recycled metal from the 35-meter drive shaft of the Pangea, Mike Horn’s sailing ship.


Limited to 5 pieces only it is a boutique exclusive and the getting one is going to be quite the challenge. Lucky owners will embark on an exclusive experience, an expedition to the Arctic under the supervision of Mike Horn himself.

This is only a glimpse of what Panerai has to offer this year but it is honestly very satisfying. We can’t wait to see and touch these beauties.