Space And Time Continuum: Bell & Ross BR-X1 HyperStellar

Bell & Ross has often been synonymous with aviation, pilots, the sky… This year, the brand takes flight in a quest for new territories, and gives its BR-X1 hypersonic chronograph a space theme with a unique design, launching into orbit the BR-X1 HyperStellar.
bell-ross_br-x1-hyperstellar-3The BR-X1 HyperStellar was envisioned as as explorers’ companion on their journeys into space. It rests on the mechanical chronograph, which has always been part of the of astronauts and cosmonauts’ kit, just like a spacesuit or a pressurized helmet. The chronograph measures short periods of time, and in space, has become an essential tool for living and working, has often enabled missions to be completed and lives to be saved. To survive in space, a professional watch must respond to certain specifications: resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosion, impacts, acceleration, pressure, vibrations… To answer those requirements, the timepiece was designed as a horological space capsule: with ergonomic push-buttons suitable for use with gloves, dial details ensuring optimal time reading, extra lightweight, a robust composition and ultra light weight, it is the astronaut’s dream watch.


As tough as a rocket, the BR-X1 HyperStellar stands out thanks to the innovative design of its 45 mm case made from titanium and aluminium. The case is made from polished and micro-blasted grade 5 titanium, but the bezel’s protective insert is composed of blue anodized aluminium, ensuring both lightness and strength. The square case of the piece is covered with a micro-blasted titanium and rubber bumper that protects it from exterior factors.


In a smart design strategy, the predominance of stone grey and electric blue on the watch, two colors that are particularly notable in the short time measurement functions, is a subtle reference to space exploration: the grey of the moon and the blue of Earth.