SIHH 2017: Time Is Art With Greubel Forsey

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have gotten us used to the “art of invention”. Their very limited timepieces never cease to amaze with technical prowess, and many times, quirkiness. Their forward-looking philosophy has been the driving force behind the innovation of the young Greubel Forsey brand both in terms of development and aesthetics. Artistic expression wraps the creative Art Piece series in all its facets, and this year’s Art Piece 2 – Edition 2 is no exception.

The Art Piece 2 – Edition 2 pushes the boundaries of creativity even further than any of its predecessors. In this first Art Piece produced without an optical system -without a microsculpture or nano engraving-, the Double Tourbillon 30° appears to be a moving sculpture. The indication of time being secondary, a push-piece controlling a bistable mechanism that needs to be activated to obtain an indication of the hours and minutes. The power reserve takes precedence over all other information with the aim of altering the wearer’s relationship with temporality: it is not the current time that is contemplated, but the time remaining. The dial holds decorative words in French; however, unlike its predecessors that had stamped-like text, this version is ornated with embossed inscriptions. The 2nd edition of the Art Piece 2 is limited to only a few pieces per year.

closed display window
opened display window

Despite the timepiece being quite impressive from a mechanism point of view -a bit too ‘sporty’ dial-wise for us-, we have to say, when it comes to art and aesthetics, our preference goes to the Art Piece 1 Robert Filliou, the gorgeous timepiece which to us was tres “Bien Fait”!