‘S by Salanitro’ unveils its first jewelry collection

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings… A bold, singular collection! The fruit of Pierre Salanitro’s boundless creativity who once again challenges his teams to present jewels of breathtaking, timeless beauty. 

Exhibition in the ‘S by Salanitro’ Showroom in the Salanitro SA workshops. Sublimated by the work of the 250 gem setters, engraversand jewelers in our Geneva workshops, who combine technical prowess with artistic flair, each jewel, crafted in gold, is highlighted by a multitude of diamonds and precious stones.

Pierre Salanitro. The renowned gem-setter and partner to the world’s leading watch brands, is proud to announce the launch of its very first jewelry collection. Previewed at Geneva Watch Week, this collection will be on show at the ‘S by Salanitro’ Showroom, nestled in the heart of the Salanitro workshops. 

Inspired by the success of the first mask collection unveiled in 2023, this inaugural jewelry line embodies the artisanal excellence, creativity and refined aesthetics for which Pierre Salanitro is renowned. 

 Each piece, whether necklace, ring, earring or bracelet, is meticulously crafted in gold and magnified by a dazzling interplay of diamonds and precious stones such as ruby, tsavorite or sapphire. 

 Sublimated by the expertise of our gem-setters, engravers and jewelers, these jewels captivate with their beauty and sophistication. 

“Our passion for innovation and excellence is at the heart of everything we do,” says company founder Pierre Salanitro. “With S by Salanitro, we have created a brand that embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our teams and offering objects that are different, singular, surprising yet refined and timeless.” 

 Since its creation in 2023 in Geneva, the ‘S by Salanitro’ brand has rapidly established itself as a benchmark in the world of luxury, thanks to its bold and singular creations. This first jewelry collection, the fruit of three years of thought and hard work, marks a new stage in the brand’s evolution, testifying to its commitment to creating unique, precious pieces imbued with emotion and sophistication.