New La Montre Hermès Arceau Le temps suspendu models arrive in the Middle East

“It’s time to dream again”

Since its launch in 2011, the collection has been extended and its two latest editions, the Arceau Le temps suspendu 38mm model for women and exceptional 43mm platinum version with baguette diamonds for men – limited to 24 pieces, are now available in the Middle East.


At the push of a button, the Arceau Le temps suspendu conceals time and erases it from the dial – and with that, time is suspended. Both the minute and hour hands move to almost 12 o’clock, although the movement continues its invisible march. Pressing the button once more sets time running again. To ‘play with time’ is a beautiful possibility in today’s hectic and constant time-keeping world.

With the 38mm model, once the pushbutton is pressed, the gaze is instinctively drawn to the lively hand perpetually whirling backwards on the small sub-dial with 24 graduations, as if playfully taunting the passing of time. In the case of the larger men’s timepiece, the retrograde date hand completely disappears from sight. This apparent simplicity in both pieces conceals a sophisticated mechanism, carefully enveloped in beautiful cases and held on the wrist with only the finest leather straps.

This incredible horological complication was developed exclusively for Hermès and is a world first. The pioneering collection has become acclaimed the world over, winning numerous awards and accolades such as ‘Watch of the Year’ 2011 as well as the prestigious Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix’s ‘Best Men’s Watch’ for the 43mm men’s piece.