The suspended balance wheel is the technical constant that defines the MB&F Legacy Machine collection the most. In the latest Legacy Machine Split Escapement, this feature is rises to a whole new level; unlike most of the other suspended balances in the collection, this ones seems to oscillate on its own, without any visible intake of energy, literally hovering above everything else.

First launched in 2017, the 18K white gold cased LM Split Escapement came in four different “frosted” versions, each limited to 18 pieces: blue frosted finish, Ruthenium frosting, red gold frosting and yellow-gold frosting. This year, the brand introduced a new limited edition of 33 pieces in grade 5 titanium, with a captivating green CVD-treated, sun-ray dial that catches the light from alternating angles, thus hopping between blue and green shades. The pieces also feature an organically arched balance bridge, a “frosted” finish resembling that of 18th and 19th century antique pocket watches.

Whilst the balance of LM Split Escapement beats just under the dial-side dome of sapphire crystal, its impulse jewel, anchor and escape wheel are on the other side of the movement, and are visible through the transparent case back. The regulating system, split between the top and the back of the movement, makes the timepiece quite unconventional. An extra-long shaft of 12mm connects the regulating system’s essential components through the movement.