MB&F : HM5 is On the Road Again

image003But this new HM5 series is more than just a colour : it’s about a totally new material. Rather than just slapping on a coat of black PVD, we felt that the supercar-inspired HM5 case deserved something better ; those sharp corners would make a PVD coating more susceptible to scratches. We looked for a solid black material that could be polished and finished like metal, felt as solid and substantial as metal… and with hardness comparable to steel. Unfortunately, no such material existed.

So we worked with a specialist to develop one. It took 18 months. ‘CarbonMacrolon’ is a dense black polycarbonate resin reinforced with carbon nanotubes. It can be polished and finished like steel, its hardness is comparable to steel… and it is black right through, so there are no surface coatings to scratch off!

image002HM5 CarbonMacrolon is a limited edition of 66 pieces and retains all the signature HM5 elements: the bi-directional jumping hours, visible through the optical-grade sapphire crystal prism; the water-resistant inner case; the flip-open louvres and the water-draining exhaust ports. Now delivered in a sleek, polished and satinised, pitch-black CarbonMacrolon case – combined with an iridescent purple winding rotor and complementary highlights around the displays.