MB&F HM 10: Man’s Best Friend

MB&F recently introduced their vision of Man’s Best Friend, the Horological Machine N°10 Bulldog.

Dubbed “Bulldog” and inspired by the bond between man and dog, this timepiece revisits the concept and gives it a twist. What if his watch was a man’s best friend? And if it was, what would it look like?


The answer is simple. The HM 10 Bulldog features a rounded case, available in titanium or red gold, along with a large sapphire dome with two prominent displays. Its movement, beating at 2.5Hz, gives the timepiece a 45-hour power reserve and has been carefully designed and calibrated to consume the least energy possible.

More power means a bigger watch overall and the HM 10 Bulldog does not disappoint in this area. Measuring 45mm across, 54mm from nose to tail and with a maximum height of 24mm, the HM10 Bulldog is surprisingly wearable for a timepiece its size.


As expected from MB&F, the HM10 Bulldog is assembled with highly distilled expertise in micro-mechanical engineering. Fitting the requisite elements of timekeeping and time display within such a limited three-dimensional volume, while maintaining top levels of artistry and finish, requires a careful balance between technical and aesthetic factors.

This is a visually striking timepiece, like everything Maximilian Büsser and his team create, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year.