H.Moser & Cie: Dark Humor

H.Moser & Cie is embracing the black trend with its new trio of watches, the all-black Venturers.

These minimalist watches are coated with Vantablack, a material developed in the U.K and recognized as the deepest black produced as it absorbs 99.9% of light. Each piece also boasts black minute and hour hands pretty dark overall but still readable, very Moser in essence.

H.Moser vantablack

The Venturer Vantablack Black Hands is a 39mm white gold timepiece while the Venturer Vantablack Black Hands XL is a 43mm steel watch. The third piece of the collection is, the most distinctive one, the Endeavour Tourbillon Vantablack Black Hands, a 42mm watch featuring a DLC-treated case.

H.Moser vantablack

The collection was originally designed as an April Fools’ in 2019 on Instagram but it gained so much momentum that H.Moser & Cie decided to make the joke a reality. The collection is available on the company’s recently launched e-commerce platform and it will definitely become an icon in the watchmaker’s line-up.