Global Launch For Vacheron Constantin’s Newest High Complications “Atelier Cabinotiers”

The GCC just witnessed another global launch by a big watchmaker: one of the world’s oldest Haute Horlogerie manufacture, Vacheron Constantin, hosted the global launch of its latest “Atelier Cabinotiers” high complications and most unique pieces, in Qatar. A dedicated service for bespoke pieces from the brand, “Atelier Cabinotiers” has been the pride and joy the watchmaker for more than 260 years. The exclusive gathering where prominent guests, socialites and bloggers from the region discovered the breathtaking pieces was held at Al Fardan Centre in Doha, in the presence of Dominique Bernaz, Director of Atelier Cabinotiers of the Maison.

91990-000G-9882 Montre pièce unique calibre 1990

The highlight of the special exhibition was the Maître Cabinotier Retrograde Armillary Tourbillon, a magnificent creation unveiled in the wake of the most complicated watch ever made, the Reference 57260 with 57 complications. Bearing the Hallmark of Geneva, the timepiece was produced by the three master watchmakers who created Reference 57260 and includes two of the complicated features of the superwatch: the armillary tourbillon -based on an armillary sphere similar to the one incorporated in an astronomic clock made in the 18th century- and the double retrograde indication -a manually wound calibre 1990 movement, developed and manufactured by the watchmaker and featuring retrograde hours and minutes indications with instant flyback.

91990-000G-9882 Montre pièce unique calibre 1990

The Maître Cabinotier line expands further, with the introduction of the extremely sophisticated Maître Cabinotier 15-Complications Lions wristwatch that boasts both a striking design and astronomical functions. The 47mm pink gold case, entirely hand-engraved with 4 lions on a savannah background, places pride on the wrist of its wearer. The manual-winding calibre brings together an impressive 15 of the most demanding Haute Horlogerie complications! The timepiece was inspired by one of the most complicated wristwatches launched in 2005 to honor the 250th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin’s very famous Tour de l’Ile Manufacture.

Maître Cabinotier 15-Complications Lions 1

Maître Cabinotier 15-Complications Lions

These unique Maître Cabinotier watches are a testament to the remarkable expertise Vacheron Constantin has gathered throughout the years, culminating in an art of its own: combining multiple complications within an extremely small space.