Timex has unveiled its latest flagship piece, the Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic. The S1 is part of a new series of watches commemorating Timex’s decades-long work with Giorgio Galli, design director of the Timex Group.

Subtle yet modern, the S1 will definitely stand out in a crowd and make people wonder if it is really a Timex. It combines the rich watchmaking heritage of Timex with Design Director Giorgio Galli’s sculptural sense of light and shape to create something entirely new.

“The S1 bends the rules of classical watch design into an avant-garde interpretation,” said Galli. “I made it as a tribute to the history of Timex, as well as a look ahead to the chapters yet to be written,” he explained.

With a 24-jewel automatic movement, custom watch case and crown, gently domed dial and exclusive high-durability synthetic rubber strap, the details of this watch elevate it to something sophisticated and elegant. It’s a design that will capture your attention again and again — even when you already know perfectly well what time it is.  

The S1 Automatic tells a shared story of his passion and influence over design paired with a 165-year heritage in the watchmaking space.