The idea for an aquatic watch originated from MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser’s memories of family beach holidays, namely an encounter with a jellyfish. Although the encounter was minor, Büsser’s brain transformed it into a three-dimensional timepiece powered by tentacles and the concept for Horological Machine N°7 came relatively quickly. After years of development, the jellyfish-inspired HM7 Aquapod came to life. Two years later, today, the captivating timepiece emerges again, in the most precious of metals, an attractive new shade and three-dimensional, “floating” hour and minute numerals.

Making its debut in HM7 with its bright silvery-white hue, Platinum creates strong contrast with the vividly crimson unidirectional rotating bezel and matching aircraft-grade rubber straps. Used for the first time in any MB&F creation, red is not a color that is usually linked to marine life. But it does have a very particular significance when it comes to jellyfish: the deeper you venture in the ocean, the less color you see, and red is the first one to disappear, being on the lowest end of the visible light spectrum and thus most easily absorbed by water. Deep-sea jellyfish often have red stomachs as a form of protective camouflage or their transparent bodies would otherwise allow predators to spot them via their stomach contents.

HM7 Aquapod Platinum Red comes with free-floating numerical appendages and unprecedented transparency surrounding its beating heart: a 60-second flying tourbillon. Unlike previous Aquapod versions, which indicated the hours and minutes via rotating rings with transferred numerals, this model features three-dimensional numerals sculpted in titanium. The metal was specifically selected for its lightness, in order to have as little additional marginal load on the engine as possible. Keeping with the most obvious feature a jellyfish has, transparency, this Aquapod replaces the battle-axe tourbillon bridge of its predecessors with a clear sapphire component, revealing its flying tourbillon, highlighted by a halo of high-luminosity AGT, like never before. The luminous material is also found in the laser-engraved markings of the unidirectional rotating bezel and on the surface of the hour and minute numerals in untinted Super-LumiNova.

The self-winding, 391-component engine of HM7 Platinum Red was developed entirely in-house at MB&F. Fitted with a platinum case, bezel and buckle, the tentacled watch will be available in a limited series of 25 pieces, each presented with red, white and black, interchangeable straps. This is one jellyfish you’ll really want to be stung by!