Do You Own a Luxury Watch? Here are Some Guidelines to Keep it in Top Shape

Being a digital media bringing you the latest news in luxury goods, here is our top 10 tips on how to keep your luxury watch in a perfect shape.

Do never set the time on your watch backwards.
With some exceptions, doing so might damage the watch date mechanism.

Changing date, month or moon
Especially in complicated watches like Annual or Perpetual calendars, never change the date, month or moon if the watch is between 9:00PM and 3:00AM

Avoid HOT environments.
Excessive heat (Saunas, beach, etc… ) will cause the lubricants inside your watch to evaporate. Sudden temperature fluctuations can be very damaging as well.

Service your watch every 4 to 5 years and have your seals and gaskets changed.
Rubber gaskets deteriorate and loose effectiveness over time. Watches, like cars, need oil changes to reduce ware and friction over time. Have this done at an official dealer, don’t take any risks.

Take your watch off during sports. Especially tennis, golf or high impact exercises.
Over-winding or hard impacts will have a negative effect on the reliability and performance of the watch.

Rinse and care to leave it submerged in tab-water if you have been in sea water.
Salt water is corrosive to all metals. Rinsing will not be sufficient, soaking for 45 minutes should be enough.

Waterproof ratings are measured when built, over time this value will diminish.
Take off the last digit and multiply by two, to be safe. If it says “100 meters” don’t go below 20 meters.

Avoid large speakers, airport scanners or strong magnetic sources.
Magnetic fields can magnetize parts of the movement, thus altering its precision. X-rays machines are OK.

Do not wind or set the time of the watch on your wrist.
The crown might bend. Dirt like skin, dust or hairs might get into the mechanism.

Should your watch not be in use for some time, wind it once a month.
This will keep the parts inside the watch evenly lubricated.