Breitling Sky-High With Skydive Dubai

Six months after the launch of their exclusive partnership, aviation and chronograph pioneers Breitling, and adrenaline packed Skydive Dubai launch another action packed initiative: a stunning short film that marks half a year of sky-high collaboration!

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The new video sees the iconic Breitling Wingwalkers -the world’s only aerobatic formation wingwalking team-, the Skydive Dubai Wingsuit; Swoop and Canopy teams, as well as Skydive Dubai’s flag jumpers perform together daring loops, rolls and swoops in unison over the Dubai skyline. The success of this challenging achievement bears witness to the passion for aviation and adventure shared by both Breitling and Skydive Dubai, which have been using their combined aviation expertise, aero sports and adrenaline-fuelled activities to create unique aerial experiences for thrill seekers all around.

Skydive Dubai and Breitling take to the skies over Dubai .
Skydive Dubai and Breitling take to the skies over Dubai .

Breitling has been a pioneer in “aviation” related watches, going back to the creation of cockpit chronographs in the 1930s. The brand collaborates with several great airshows worldwide, including the Red Bull Air Race, in which its own team competes under its colours, and also supports the restoration of the legendary Breitling Super Constellation aircraft, known to be the last remaining flightworthy “Super Connie” in the world.