Bite Into The Apple Watch Hermès Collection

Following the smart watch craze and this year’s revelations that started in the first quarter of 2015, Apple® and Hermès have introduced Apple Watch® Hermès, a collection of Apple watches maintaining the brand’s design and functionality, and sporting finely crafted Hermès Single Tour, Double Tour or Cuff leather bands.

Apple Watch Hermes-DoubleTour

It is no secret that both brands value excellent quality and design, and the collaboration has proven that, while definitely adding a fashionable touch to the watches’ tech aspect. Apple’s product innovation meets the heritage and craftsmanship of Hermès with the various leather band straps and the Hermès signature etching on the stainless steel cases which include a customizable face with three exclusive dial designs inspired by the Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace Hermès watches. The leather bands come in various types and colours: fauve Barenia, noir Box, and bleu jean, capucine or étain Swift, depending on the case size.


The combination of Hermès’ know-how and fine materials with Apple’s revolutionary personal technology have just given the world of smart watches a whole new face… and us a whole new reason to buy our next tech toy.