BOMBERG launches BOLT-68 as a world première at the “HOUSE OF BOMBERG” in Basel


Following its successful launch in Basel, Switzerland in 2013, BOMBERG will introduce its new BOLT-68 collection at the “HOUSE OF BOMBERG” from 26 March to 03 April 2014. 100% Swiss made, strong, distinguished and nonconformist, BOLT-68 reinterprets and completely overturns classic watch-making rules to create unusual timepieces. More than a watch, BOLT-68 confirms the brand’s resolutely different approach and its ability to reinvent the image in this industry. Through its quality and the particular attention given to every detail, the collection takes the wrist watch to a new level and opens up new horizons for ways it can be used by its trend-setting wearer. The brand is also unique in the way it is marketed: BOMBERG approaches, captures and seduces the community with an unusual online and offline marketing strategy that is totally in keeping with its product. 

BOLT-68 has a surprising and resolutely innovative design and concept. The entire collection is based on quality Swiss movements – Ronda for the quartz models and Concepto for automatic chronograph movements. The watch’s case can pivot and slide back, so that it can either be slipped into a pocket, attached to a fashionable chain, or used as a timepiece in many other ways. 

BOLT-68 continues the tradition established by the 1968 collection, launched at Basel, Switzerland in 2013 and easily recognisable by the positioning of the crown and pushers at 12 o’clock (for chronographs). The BOLT-68 collection currently includes 25 models, all in high-quality stainless steel, available in a wide range of colours.

“We are different on every level”, explains Rick de la Croix, the brand’s chairman. “Nowadays a watch is more than a mere timepiece, so we incorporate the fashions and desires of our customers, with whom we are in constant dialogue, into our product research and development. BOMBERG’s marketing strategy pursues this same logic”, he adds. BOMBERG is involved in its customer communities wherever they are, both online and offline. Its marketing approach claims to be direct. BOMBERG cuts to the chase and tries to match its message content to its customers’ expectations and desires and to its distribution network. “We involve our partners, distributors and customers in our campaigns and, together, we grab our community’s attention by the scruff of the neck”, concludes Rick de la Croix.


In keeping with this different brand policy, BOMBERG is establishing its own permanent base as per 26 March 2014 at Isteinerstrasse 90 in Basel, Switzerland, in the “HOUSE OF BOMBERG”.

BOMBERG’s collections have been available in Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela since 2012. In 2013, BOMBERG launched in the following markets: The Middle East, the Caribbean, Peru, Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece. Other markets, including Switzerland, will be open to consumers from this spring.

Further product and strategy information will be supplied at the press conference at the House of BOMBERG on 26 March 2014.