To mark its 160th anniversary, TAG Heuer is relaunching its iconic collection, TAG Heuer Carrera.

Born from a passion for motor racing and elevated to the rank of horological icon through decades of striking renditions, the TAG Heuer Carrera has once again been reimagined in a range of contemporary yet timeless models. 


Inspired by the world of endurance racing which gave birth to the unique TAG Heuer Carrera model, the “FOREVER CHASING TOMORROW” campaign encapsulates a truth that has become even more relevant in today’s world: no matter the challenges ahead, one is driven to build the future.

Endurance racing embodies this exceptional resilient mindset that strongly resonates with the new generations: keeping the drive alive, facing adversity, never giving up.   

As such, the film dubbed “The Longest Night,” features an endurance racing driver fighting to overcome his inner struggles that appear in the midst of the night.