Engelbert Humperdick Dance with Dubai Elite’s

At an event attended by the city’s classical music lovers, Engelbert Humperdick performed to the lovely crowd as if it were a concert for his own friends. With his humor and magical voice, he gave Dubai a two-hour performance, where he sang his old signature songs such as “Quando Quando, Quando,” “Am I That Easy to Forget” and a special solo of “My Funny Valentine” with a violinist, who is in fact the event’s promoter. It’s always good to have promoters that play and understand music, as they bring quality events to a niche of people.

The Engelbert concert at Madinat Jumeirah was one of the classiest events of this year so far, with a high-end crowd. M Premieres succeeded to launch the year with their first successful gig, and we are certainly looking forward to the next one.