People – An Exeptional Experience in Dubai

People by Crystal Dubai welcomes guests to a memorable experience every time they walk in.  The biggest club in Dubai today, People is always full of VIP guests who often come to experience something new in Dubai.

People brings you an incomparable clubbing experience. It nests on the top two levels of a large glass pyramid, the 18th and the 19th floors. The venue’s architecture was surely defying for the designers. However, Prospect Design utilized every inch of the space to transform the venue into an international cutting edge Club. People by Crystal is by far the sole Club in the world to be located inside of a glass pyramid with a 360° panoramic view over the extravagant City of Dubai, its skyscrapers, desert and sea. The nuance between the glass and the acoustic hushed interior sheds a cozy feel to the place where you will lose yourself in a milieu that combines lounges and private spaces far from the cold and rigid aspects of the big Clubs.
The distinction of the Club’s elements is inspired by a breakthrough art of light effects that transform the back lit arabesque bars and columns into masterpieces.

People Club ambiance invites you to feel at home with the leather and velvet couches and the thick cozy carpet spread inside of the VIP space with an emphasis on the bronze tone. A well researched distribution of furnishings and key elements complimented by a well studied design that aims at bringing the clubbing scene into the highest level where people will mingle and party like there is no tomorrow on the sounds of the best DJ’s and along with A list celebrities and stars. The Club will be on fire! As a matter of fact, you cannot help not noticing the PEOPLE letters drawn in fire at the entrance of the Club… an entrance well guarded by two gorillas, but also dotted with a rosy velvet corner.

Enjoy a unique experience, and see these photos from the opening night.