One Big Friday – Beirut Dance Experience in Dubai


The most anticipated pool party for this weekend ‘One Big Friday’ where Beirut meets Dubai for the first time in the UAE took place in MediaOne Hotel. The party was considered one of the biggest closing pool parties of the season where guests enjoyed the groovy sounds of House music while they spent the day by the pool and enjoyed the sunset taking it all the way until the early hours of the morning. The event’s highlight was Lebanon’s maDJam who came all the way from Beirut to play the main set as he interacted with the crowd.

DJ lineup for 12 hours of nonstop music.  Opening Set: Wael K, followed by Markii, then warmup session came by Jixo & Danz then the main set was by maDJam. After hours came  KaY TeK.

It was an unforgettable event.