DJ Antoine and Timati Set Crystal on Fire

Midnight is the time where the party starts at People by Crystal. Friday night, most of Dubai’s elite clubbers flew straight to the 18th floor of the Raffles Hotel just to party with Timati. The night started with Dj Joey, who flew in from Beirut one more time to give us another great set.

The place was jam-packed when People welcomed Russian Hip-Hop/R&B singer and actor Timur Ildarovich Yunusov, better known as Timati and Dj Antoine, and this time was exceptional were the night special appearance perform from the DJ booth.

The duo entertained the crowd in a special way performing great his summer hit Welcome to St. Tropez while standing up on the top of the DJ Booth for all to see. Other summer hit songs like LMFAO Party Rock Anthem, Beautiful People and many others were on the artists agenda .

The bad boy completely covered in colorful tattoos brought a fresh new style to Dubai. He picked up the audience with his energetic crowd interaction. His hit single St. Tropez was heard throughout summer, needless to say, it was fun to hear the music live.

The night didn’t end there, the traditional confetti show blasted just after Timati performance, then Dj Jean club resident had his share of the night, followed by Dj Joey.