B018 Comes to Dubai – The Crowd Goes Wild

In a dazzling world of imagination, pleasure, entertainment and luxury rises in one of the most unique nightclubs experiences in the world. B018 travels to Dubai.

Everyone around the world has heard of the B018 clubbing experience. Now, the original experience, is being experienced in Dubai city. Fuel Nights has made this happen at one of the most unique nightclubs in the world SANCTUARY.

B018 resident DJs Gunther & Stamina gave the crowd exactly what they came for. Their interaction between them and the crowd was outstanding, giving them the same B018 experience they would get in its original location, Beirut.

Clubbers danced the deep underground set played by the two renowned Lebanese DJs.

Gunther & Stamina set at Sanctuary kept clubbers dancing until 3:00AM, asking for more. It was a great night that no one wanted to end.

But surely now everyone is looking for the second promising night, Part 2 of another B018 night in Dubai.

Thank you B018 and Fuel Nights for this great melodically inspired party.

B018 Series Vol.1 Compiled and Mixed by Gunther & Stamina is now available in Dubai, click for more >>>