Zenith Official Timekeeper Of 2015 Tour Auto Optic 2000

Picture4The 233 historic race cars left Paris on April 21 headed for sunny Biarritz, where they arrived after five days of races, trials and exciting experiences going from the green countryside to the refreshing mountain tops, on narrow roads that serpent through woods and mountain slopes. One of Tour Auto‘s other main goals is to present France’s heritage and renowned art of living to participants and interested crowds, and to acquaint them with the regions and departments of France. The focus of this year’s edition was on the south-west, crossing the Allier, Cantal and Aveyron regions and passing in the Pyrenees to reach the Basque coast. Breathtaking scenery and views composed an unforgettable backdrop to the event, with every stage offering visitors tastings of local products and regional wines, and discoveries of majestic castles, medieval abbeys and historical sites, all in a cheerfulness and convivial atmosphere. Following the French “joie de vivre”, friendships are forged between drivers, team members and enthusiastic crowds, making Tour Auto a rare and unique racing event.


Zenith, its drivers and support team lived intense experiences during the five Tour Auto days. Being Official Timekeeper, the brand kept a very close watch on each of the timed trials, special stages on roads and renowned closed tracks includingMagny-Cours, Albi and the Charade Circuit, and was waiting for the drivers at the finish line to register their timings as accurately and precisely as time ticks on its watches. Its three drivers, Felix Baumgartner at the wheel of a 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL, Daniel Spadini in a 1964 Jaguar type E 3.8L, Dominique Vananty in of a 1965 Porsche 911, and President and CEO of Zenith Aldo Magada enjoyed driving collector cars, participating in all the stages and interacting with eager fans.


The detailed results recorded by Zenith timekeeping are available here: http://peterauto.peter.fr/files/pdf/tour_auto/2015/2015-TAO-results.pdf