Visconti celebrates the U.A.E’S 42nd National Day


To celebrate its 42nd year of union, Visconti has decided to design a magnificent piece of art, tribute to a state which is recognized as a symbol of engineering geniuses, and which is highly capable of contributing to the development of Science and Innovation through the different periods of time.

Visconti greatly supports the idea of antiquity interpreted with innovative symbols, patents and materials. This empathy has permitted the creation of a writing instrument mixing tradition and modernity.

In fact, this Limited Edition Writing Instrument unifies the most prestigious artisan techniques such as the hand cut filigree, which is crafted through precious hand lacquering as well as modern production techniques. Numeric control machines are used to create the base of the pens with micro tolerances, allowing them to match all the ISO standards in terms of quality and innovation. In addition, the resins used are vegetal resins obtained after a long process of working hours.

This unique piece, is designed with some of the most prestigious and worldwide recognized patents from Visconti such as the Clip – representing a bridge symbol of friendship between people – the Double Reservoir Power filler protecting the fountain pen from ink overflow, as well as the 23Kt Solid Palladium Nib – the most precious nib ever produced worldwide.

The Limited Edition pen is presented in a magnificent solid wood box, that follows the traditional Oriental patterns. The box is hand lacquered in an elegant glossy black.



Visconti presents the 42nd Anniversary Limited Edition Pen in two versions:

Fountain Pen with a dedicated Crystal inkwell 18 Kt. Gold plated and engraved with the Eagle, symbol of the Emirates.  The pen is also available in a Roller Ball version.

Technical features

Limited edition of 971 vermeil pens

Limited edition of 71 pens in 18 Kt.  Rose gold

Limited edition of 10 pens in 18Kt.   Rose gold and diamonds

Material: Lucite/Sterling Silver 925/Solid 18Kt. Gold

Nib: 23 Kt. 950 Palladium Dreamtouch bicolour

Filling system: Double Reservoir Power Filler

Artwork: deep engraving lacquered overlay filigree

Presentation: finally chiselled and hand cut solid wood box hand lacquered in glossy black.


Available at:

Dubai: Tanagra, Mall of the Emirates – Tanagra, Wafi Mall

Abu Dhabi: Tanagra, Marina Mall – Style Gallery, Emirates Palace

Al Ain: Tanagra, Al Ain Mall