Rolex Closes its factories Amid Coronavirus

Due to the unfortunate current COVID-19 pandemic, Rolex has announced the closure of its manufactures until March 27th. This news follows the recent cancellation of Swiss watch fairs and the more recent lockdown situation experience across Europe.

Rolex’s CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour, shared the news with his employees in Bienne and Crissier, Geneva, in a letter addressing his concerns and the safety rules to follow. “From now on, we ask you to respect the measures of confinement issued by our authorities in Switzerland and in France to the letter,” he emphasized.

Rolex CEO

He also added a touch of optimism to his message by saying “I am certain that this is just a difficult period and if together, we all adopt good behavior, that we will contribute to and participate in the stabilization of the situation, and that will allow us to get back to work in total safety as soon as possible.”

The European continent is suffering from this outbreak with countries like France, Italy, and Switzerland on lockdown and it was only a question of time before Rolex and the watch industry felt the consequences.