Pelé with Hublot in favela Jacarezinho

Hublot wanted to take part in a community action which would directly benefit Brazilians, and in particular those living in Rio de Janeiro, where the brand has set up its Hublot Palace HQ for the duration of the FIFA World Cup™.

One year ago, the beginnings of an idea were sketched out. To do something for the children, which could also benefit the community as a whole, build something that will make a lasting contribution, and at the same time to make a connection with football, the reason for Hublot’s presence in Rio during the World Cup “because the connection is all about sharing. If you don’t share, you miss out. Hublot has been fortunate and has a duty to share some of its success”.

The goal was clear. Build a football pitch for the children. Give them a clean, healthy environment to play and share times together as friends and families. Give them a place to escape. Give them a chance to dream and show them that with hard work, they can accomplish these dreams. And give them a chance to take part in an accompanying programme which will change their outlook and make them believe that “one day I too will be able to do something good and useful in my life”. .

_LWH8459“We are creative,” said Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. The social aspect is important. With our success, we also care for others. We are in the luxury business but we believe in giving back, specifically for the children. We are an inspirational brand. If they study and work hard, they should be able to succeed.

Hublot has had a strong presence in the Brazilian market for seven years but its position is somewhat hindered by the import tariffs. Despite this, Hublot is one of the first luxury high-watchmaking brand to establish a boutique in Rio de Janeiro, with a grand opening in January 2014. Brazilians are mature and sophisticated consumers,” Ricardo Guadalupe continued. “We have perfect matching brands for the Latin high-end consumers because we are dynamic, strong, innovative, and creative. This corresponds perfectly to the Brazilian personality.”

After initial contact with the Department of Social Assistance and Human Rights, led by the strong commitment of Deputado Estadual, Pedro Henrique Fernandes da Silva, Jacarezinho, the third densest Favela in Rio de Janeiro was chosen primarily because it had the perfect space to refurbish a football pitch. But, more important, it was next to the school giving the space strong influence on the children. The respective authorities made it available for the project and the project came to life.


Everything started to happen very quickly and organically. The architecture firms FGMF & Rosenbaum were chosen to partner in the project, coach the kids through creative development programs, and assist in developing a relationship with the community. The first mission was to name the project, calling it Tamo Junto Jacarezinho, Together Jacarezinho.

With this help, a true movement came to life. The community got involved. Children spent their weekends contributing and sharing hopes for what would one day be their playground. The department of Social Affairs assisted by firstly to clear the site, then helping Hublot build a clean concrete surface to play on the same time, a lot of work was carried out to raise awareness in the community and ensure that everyone was behind the project.

The children painted the walls. Even Brazilian artist Romero Britto, who contributed to the #HublotLovesFootball campaign by designing the football, Hublot’s symbol for the World Cup and the display case for the Official Football World Cup watches, spent a weekend in Jacarezinho to participate in project and paint a mural with the help of the kids.

Hublot was the driving force for this project, and donated funds to ensure its realisation, resulting in a concrete project which mobilised an entire community in need, and which will stand for many years to come.