Montblanc Emblem Ladies Fine Jewellery Collection – Fresh and Feminine Charm

-Montblanc’s new interpretations of the timeless symbols of love, luck and happiness-

The design inspiration of the Montblanc Emblem Ladies Fine Jewellery Collection is derived from the Pétales Entrelacés motif – a delicate petal motif symbolising the emotive rose petal with its sensuality, velvet touch and voluptuous softness. The petals are intertwined, capturing the powerful, yet discreet elegance that characterises contemporary fine jewellery.

Montblanc_Emblem_Pluie_d'n++n++toile_necklace_in_white_gold_with_diamonds.jpg_rgbCoeur de Pétales Entrelacés the largest collection of the three is inspired by the heart, the everlasting symbol of love, created here with two interlaced petals that reflect the light and symbolize the unbreakable bond between lovers. The heart is a symbol endowed with many layers of meaning and resonance. Ever since the Renaissance, painters and miniaturists have used heart-shaped jewellery to convey messages of love, trust and commitment. The collection comprises rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles, available in a warm pink shade of gold that flatters every skin tone, and in gleaming white gold with discreet pavé diamonds settings.

Trèfle de Pétales Entrelacés uses eight interlacing petals that form a four-leaf clover, a universal symbol of good luck, exclusively presented in a soft pink gold ring, necklace and earrings. Each of the four leaves on this lucky charm has special meaning: the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck.

Montblanc_Emblem_Pluie_d'n++n++toile_earrings_in_white_gold_with_diamonds.jpg_rgbPluie d’ Étoiles features the star, a universal symbol of happiness and a signature motif of Montblanc’s heritage. Delicate stars of white gold sparkling with a burst of pavé diamonds are interpreted as earrings and a bracelet. The standout piece in the collection combines all three symbols – the heart, the clover and the star – for a dramatic but delicate ring centred on a beautiful white gold full pavé heart. The impression of floating elements is created by using a complex technique with invisible structures, which are all hidden in a beautifully finished back cover, reminiscent of a falling star.


The Montblanc Emblem Fine Jewellery Collection is a reminder of the most precious moments in life, of dreams, of love and of good luck – these refined and delicately crafted pieces are ones any woman will treasure forever and destined to become a lifetime companion.

The Montblanc Ladies Fine Jewellery Emblem Collection will be available from June 2014 in selected Montblanc boutiques worldwide.