Marcus Watches launches their new Website

When visiting the site you are first of all presented with some beautiful photography on the hover state menu screens. These were taken by Sven Prim, a Swedish photographer who has worked on high profile campaigns for Samsung, Absolut Vodka and Plaza Watch magazine. These images set the tone for the site and also reflect Marcus’s own love of photography.

Clients, friends and followers can read about Marcus the man, as a person and collector.  As well as exploring our calendar of key historical moments in the company’s history, you can read about the boutique itself and its design. We wanted to bring our clients and friends closer, and show that we are not a faceless organization, but are lucky enough to have a big personality at the helm who himself loves watches and collecting, as well as having a dedicated team who are here to provide a luxury experience and guidance when the client goes from the site to the store.


By creating a platform to show off the amazing Marcus limited editions and Unique one-of-a-kind collectable pieces, we now have an area of the site for the Unique Pieces which are each presented in different ways in order to highlight the brands or the individual pieces’ DNA.  From stunning photography to scroll and tilt functions, the user can engage with the site as they explore the wondrous pieces.  What other watch-site will give you a combination of Robots, Sharks, Divers, Clowns and Medieval flip books to name a few!

For the core collection we have opened up the site to provide more content and show our extensive range, including a brief history of the brands and each family group’s information to help the user learn as they use the site. The watch world is full of rich history and we wanted to help the collector or aficionado increase their knowledge since this will help them make better choices for themselves. To add to this we also built an easy to use Knowledge Base where they can look up key words used in the world of horology learn the terms and meanings.

new arrivals

All the images can be enlarged in two stages to really show off the incredible detail, and users can send us an enquiry to find out more information on a given piece, as well as tweet, facebook, google+ or email it a friend, or even download the model as a reference to bring to the store to help staff quickly identify the piece in which they are interested.

For our News section we have press clippings, a link to our social media and a live Instagram feed, plus a dedicated area where all the comings and goings in the watch world will be covered including events, new models, and much more.

Overall we have tried to bring out Marcus’s own playful personality in the site – as well as showing off the fantastic collection we hold – in an interesting and fun way that, like our store, is a little bit different from the norm, and enables users to read, engage, learn and enjoy.  And we hope one day to see them in the real world when they visit the store.

To help us spread the word of the new website, it would be appreciated if, when mentioning it on your social media, you could use the #marcuswatches and tag us in @marcuswatches so I can retweet/post etc your coverage and support.



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