Makkah Clock Tower Pen – Limited Edition

Stylo Makka Clock (2)Inaugurated in 2010, the magnificent project of Makkah Clock Royal Tower was an architectural challenge in which the state of the art technology has been used. Built in the Noblest place of the world, near the holy Mosque of Makkah, the actual tower stands 601 meters tall, measures 46 meters and is visible from more than 25 kilometers away. Moreover, it harbors the biggest clock in the world, which uses an atomic mechanism enabling to show a highly precise time.

This wonderful monument was a marvellous source of inspiration for S.T. Dupont.
Hence, the house decided to combine its extensive  know-how of goldsmith, crafting and hand manufacturing of writing instruments in order to create a beautiful sculpture honoring this outstanding monument.

Available as either a Fountain Pen or a Roller Pen, S.T. Dupont’s Makkah Clock Tower is made of solid bronze with gold plated polish and finishing. Handcrafted in the brand’s manufacture in Faverges, France, the masterpiece is limited to 99 pieces worldwide.