Celebrating 90 Years of an Icon: Montblanc Meisterstück Skeleton Writing Instrument

In a new interpretation of its original design, the writing instrument comes with delicately skeletonized, ruthenium-plated cap and barrel delivering a polished grey effect. The skeletonized technique is very unique in the world of writing instruments and represents utmost craftsmanship savoir-faire that is therefore extremely sought-after with connoisseurs and collectors. It requires meticulous work by Montblanc’s artisan including intense polishing by hand to achieve the very delicate structure while keeping the statics of the corpus of the writing instrument. Inspired by the shape of the renowned Meisterstück 149, the Skeleton Writing Instrument reveals its inner workings seen through a delicate cut-out design that eliminates superfluities, underscoring Montblanc’s constant quest for perfection and innovation in design.

Montblanc Meisterstück 90 Years Collection Skeleton Writing Instrument 3

The solid red gold nib (Au750), elegantly engraved with the special 90 Years design that features on every piece from the Meisterstück 90 Years Collection, contrasts with the polished grey appearance of the fountain pen with its intricate skeleton structure. The Montblanc emblem, unmistakable seal of highest quality, craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, has been crafted from quartz, reflecting the eternal ice and rocky surfaces that crown the summit of the Mont Blanc mountain.

While taking essential design cues from the iconic Meisterstück, from the shape of the writing instrument to the distinctive fittings, the skeleton technique is a work of virtuosity
Montblanc Meisterstück 90 Years Collection Skeleton Writing Instrument 1

perfected by Montblanc master craftsmen, striking a fine balance between the most delicate composition and the perfect functionality of a Montblanc writing instrument. While it has the appearance of a work of art, displayed in a special box featuring the skeletonized grid of the fountain pen and a transparent glass window, it certainly delivers on its promise to provide the finest writing experience, just as it has for the past 90 years.