Sous le Signe du Lion, a tame and gracious lion by Chanel

Chanel_Lion Solaire Necklace- Sous Le Signe Du Lion

The lion appears to hold a very special place in Chanel’s imaginary world, and with time, has become the spirit of the maison. Unlike Gabrielle Chanel’s self defense mechanism using her “claws to prevent people from doing [me] harm,” the delicate, gaudy pieces are gently decorate the fingers, wrist, neck and chest with hues of white and gold, shining with subtle silent power, courage, boldness and unspoken royalty.

King of the Zodiac, the “Leo” is featured with splendour in a variety of pieces under his many facets, yet always showing a tame and protective side to the king of this jungle.


06_Lion-Astral-Secret-Watch01Necklaces fall under Lion Royal, Solaire, Talisman and Constellation Du Lion; rings take the shape of Lion San Marco with in fierce blue and Lion Imperial; bracelets and cuffs roar with Lion Rugissant, Mosaique and Venitien, while the Lion Celeste and Constellation du Lion hold high and mighty brooches. The pieces are shaped with 18-karat white and/or yellow gold, and differently cut diamonds, sapphires, topaz and pearls.

The lion that lays there quietly, waiting to awe everyone around is the Lion Astral secret watch, with a time teller hidden under its protective lion. An 18-karat white gold piece set with 584 brilliant-cut diamonds, 6 marquise-cut diamonds and 1 pear-cut diamond.













Visiting the world’s most prestigious cities, the unique high jewellery pieces of “Sous le Signe du Lion” are in Dubai throughout the whole of February, at the CHANEL Watches & Jewellery boutique – The Dubai Mall. If you let your animal instinct overcome you, this collection is the one to pick from for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.