Les Comètes de CHANEL

Mademoiselle Chanel could recognize the powerful and mysterious qualities inherent in certain forms thanks to her surprising creative sensitivity. “What could be more suiting and more eternally modern!” she affirmed, eyes lifted towards a Parisian night sky, captivated by a shimmering nebula or the luminosity of a comet in flight.
For Mademoiselle the star and the comet would be privileged sources of inspiration that highlight the eternal beauty of women.

It was for their incontestable brilliance that Gabrielle Chanel chose the comet and the star for her first fine jewellery collection,“Bijoux de Diamants” in Paris in 1932.
She said, “I wanted to cover women in constellations of stars. Stars of all sizes”.
Likewise the comet, a symbol of beauty, movement and liberty, has equally become an emblem for the fine jewellery of CHANEL.

Today CHANEL showers stars of white gold, diamonds, pearls and black spinels, on a new fine jewellery collection which once more brings these eternal motives to the forefront.