Dress Me Warm

With summer sending everyone in different directions for well deserved vacations, many of us end up traveling to destinations where a crisp breeze is sure to swoop in from time to time, just so we can breathe properly. In such places, your light summer wardrobe might need a few outfits with sleeves or flowy materials covering your legs. Ladies, here is a selection of lovely outfits from Bottega Veneta‘s Women Early Fall 16 collection, in warm, dark and rich hues, from ruby to anthracite black.



Cute colorful flowers spruce up the elegantly neutral backgrounds of flowing dresses, creating a chic bohemian feel, complemented by impeccably handcrafted handbags and shoes.



Strong, large diagonal autumnal blue and bordeaux lines pattern these casual chic maxi dresses that can be dressed up through leather tote and fancy bracelets, or dressed down by assorting a shoulder strap bag for a relaxed day look.



Whether you’re into flowery motifs or geometrical patterns, colorful bits or darker hues, the EF 2016 collection is so varied in its range of designs you will surely find a dress (or more!) to give you that understated coquette style all girls secretly love to have.

Bottega Veneta / The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates / www.bottegaveneta.com