Bejewelled By Baselworld

Jewels have been intrinsic to men for hundreds of thousands of years. The ancient civilizations cultures stemmed from -Egypt, India and China- started creating and developing jewellery from whatever materials nature offered: stones, feathers, wood, shells, animal skin, plants, bones and nature-made semi-precious materials such as amber, amethyst or obsidian. Both women and men adorned themselves with jewels, whether just as ornaments or to affirm wealth, rank, social and religious positions. More recently, watches have been heavily jewelled to also fit the jewellery category: aesthetics, precious stones, shapes and colours have turned timepieces into jewels. Jewellery fairs have become a big event around the world and sure is one of the best platforms to discover new pieces. Since new collections have made it to our region, here are our Baselworld 2015 novelty picks for you to choose or order your favourites from!

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