Oscar Wilde once said: “A mask tells us more than a face.” And boy was he right! In today’s world, masks say a lot. Wearing a face mask shows, before anything, if you’re being responsible and careful. It also points to whether you’re adhering to measures or being rebellious -we all love a rebel, but in this instance, please avoid being one. And if that piece of cotton or fabric is colored or patterned, you have a penchant for fashion!

While the pandemic we all loathe has affected many sectors, it has also created a few opportunities here and there. Masks and gloves are the first relevant items that come to mind, followed by sanitizers and disinfectants.

Reinforcing Dubai as one of the world’s fashion capitals, bespoke tailor Collars & Cuffs is the emirate’s first garment maker to launch adjustable, stylish face masks made of high-end Italian, reusable and breathable fabrics. They are available in 3 sizes -men’s, women’s, kids’- and can even be fully customized for large orders. C&C offers 40 different designs in cotton printed fabrics, linen fabrics and washable silk. With so many colorful and neutral tones; patterns such as paisley, herringbone and stripes; artistic designs and themes including graffiti and flowers, choosing won’t be easy. And for that extra dapper touch, customers’ initials can be embroidered on the masks to fully personalize them.

Adhering to preventive and safety measures in style is now possible, so make a fashion statement while staying safe. Are masks the new pocket square? I’d say so!