Paul Smith’s A Suit To Travel In

Paul Smith just introduced a new suit designed and fabricated to perfectly suit travellers on their journey. The AW15 ‘A Suit To Travel In’ adapts to movement through its ergonomic construction and to all climates thanks to its breathable, high-twist 100% wool fabric. Constructed with quick recovery, the suit is crease-resistant and has water-repellent qualities. Its sleek yet casual silhouette combined with high practicality makes it a unique tailoring piece.

Paul Smith

The suit’s qualities were demonstrated through a global campaign spanning across three continents, in collaboration with London’s National Centre for Circus Arts. A troop from the NCCA traveled to Taipei, Shanghai, Bangkok, Mumbai, Moscow and Dubai in the suit and performed fascinating stunts and acrobatic movements showing the flexibility of the fabric and the ease the suits provides during extreme motion and various climates.

Paul Smith_A-Suit-To-Travel-In flying

This is a suit every man should have in his wardrobe. And every business woman too. Yes, the suite was designed to be worn by ladies too; add a feminine stylish touch with accessories and a top, and bon voyage!