When Onyx meets Diamond… Another idea for Eid Gifting

It is timeless elegance!


According to the style and the occasion, the grace of a Cosmos creations in onyx can match the playful Charms or the elegant Alhambra Talisman timepieces in white gold.

Like a talisman, the Cosmos collection blends naturally with the Maison’s emblematic lucky motif: the alhamra.

Each lady is free to play with these symbols and materials to compose her own bejeweled look.

Onyx, diamonds and white gold compose a refined and luminous duet, suffused with timeless elegance.

Cosmos Onyx creations are like graceful talismans.

Their delicate corollas blossom against the neckline, the wrist or the hand:

the Cosmos Between the Finger Ring™ unfurls its graceful petals to illustrate all the creativity of Van Cleef & Arpels.

In an ultimate touch of refinement, a diamond petal seems to glitter in the sun, adding a precious note of asymmetry.