I’m A Rocket Man! The MB&F Astrograph Limited Edition

Horological laboratory MB&F and Maison Caran d’Ache have just embarked on a quirky creative mission, bringing to life the Astrograph, a writing instrument that seeks to conquer space with its uniqueness and originality! The original idea came from MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser, which, coupled with the creativity and technical forces within Caran d’Ache, led to this thrilling and complex adventure. And thus fired off the Astrograph, a Swiss Made artistic union rooted in the common values held dear by both Maisons: limitless creativity, respect for traditions and impeccable quality.

Maximilian Büsser revealed his childhood dream of embodying space travel in a writing instrument to Caran d’Ache’s creative teams four years ago, and they worked together on turning it into a reality. The design team constructed an actual rocket -in reality an exceptional writing instrument that is extremely comfortable in the hand. Developing Astrograph was no easy task, but the teams were finally able to to perfect the technical concept. A futuristic body design that comprises a multitude of innovative features among a total of 99 components: a “detent” system of vertical stabilization, launch-pad box, magnetic figurine… It took a whole year to develop the final model, and more than 500 manual operations to produce each writing instrument.

astrograph_rhodium_matt_lresAstrograph is available in three finishes: high-gloss rhodium, sandblasted matt rhodium or anthracite ruthenium. Its slim, curved body is shaped like the outline of a space rocket, accentuated by a chequered pattern with anthracite lacquer. The structure is articulated by an ingenious mechanism inspired by penknives: concealed in the ring of the pen, a miniature lever in the form of the rocket’s entry door activates the simultaneous and symmetrical lowering of three stabilizer legs. Once the stabilizer legs are deployed, Astrograph can stand vertically, ready for take off. The instrument then unscrews to reveal a fountain pen “launched” from its “base” inside the fuselage.

astrograph_ruthenium_astronaut_lresJust for fun and to complete the experience, the rocket is accompanied by a miniature, Rhodium-plated and magnetized astronaut figurine that can attach to any part of the instrument’s body, and the presentation box has the form of a launch pad. Astrograph fuels those who love unusual objets d’art and who managed to keep sight hold their childhood dreams.