What ‘We Men’ Want.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label‘s has re-imagined heritage-inspiredRalph Lauren Purple Label suit suits with a contemporary feel: we really like this sophisticated three-piece suit, designed to give a trim-fitting, double breasted silhouette.

The two-button jacket’s single welt pocket holds a discreet, dotted pocket square and fits perfectly over the fully lined, overlapping, straight bottom vest. Paired with a blue and white, thin-striped, crisp Aston dress shirt (100% Italian cotton), the elegant suit is formal yet not boring. We’re not crazy about the pattern on the tie, but the tie color fits the ensemble. For Spring 2015, the brand aims at making “an elevated international statement with elegant featherweight suitings” through the Purple Label.

Also going for a modern style, Polo Ralph Lauren goesRalph Lauren Cotton Blend Cricket Sweater into reinterpretations of vintage varsity, classic Ivy League and New England boating looks. The Spring 2015 V-neck Cotton-Blend Cricket Sweater offers an edgy twist on the classic cricket sweater. Knit from a soft 85%cotton and 15%cashmere blend, it sports two large white stripes on the neck and ribbed hem and cuffs.

The sweater can be worn alone or over a white shirt with its sleeves casually rolled up. A rebellious misfit risk on a preppy piece.

Hackett London’s Spring/Summer 2015 collectionHackett_SS15_028 is inspired by ‘Gentlemen’s Sport’. Also bringing forward styles based on some of the big British summer sporting events, Hackett presents four fresh collections: Hackett Mayfair, Summer Sailing, Polo Picnic and Queens Tennis. Centered around the gentleman who is in control, the owner of a sports team or a big estate, one who organizes the social events in town and is looked up at, the premium Mayfair collection’s pieces are mostly beige, light grey and cream colored. This sharp, double-breasted, lightly-checkered suit updated with wider, double pleat trousers in a classically narrow shape is livened with a bright fuchsia tie, adding a whimsical touch to a serious look.


For a totally casual and comfortable outfit, opt for the brand’s white reversible cuff shorts and a black fit sweater. Black and white, a ying yang feel for the free spirited yet methodical man. You can’t go wrong with such a colour pairing, and the combination of shorts and a long sleeved top will keep you warm on a day by the sea or if the weather is unpredictable.

Today more than ever, Berluti‘s innovativeBerluti_MILANO_multicolore_2 alternative style is braving new frontiers by visiting the “colour spectrum” for the SS2015 products. The joyful collection follows a wide palette of vibrant colours and boasts pieces that resemble a painter’s canvas. Queue our favourite shoe of the year -and our colleague’s latest craze, ordered from Paris as the wait to get it in Dubai was unbearable- the Milano Multicolore. Paying tribute to the brand’s classic heritage for the shape while being very playful with the colours, this is definitely a statement piece that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. For the gentleman’s casual chic accessory, we opted for the brown leather bag/satchel, handmade through traditional leather crafting techniques used to shape and mould the leather into a comfortable and practical companion.

Berluti satchel

Another shoe-crush of ours this season are theSantoni_Mondrian Style Santoni carry-over sneakers in Mondrian style: flashy, artsy   lemon yellow, sky blue and orange contrast with grey and black suede to create a happy feel on the feet. The tone-on-tone stitching highlights the distinctive graphic motif. Made in Italy and following rigorous Italian excellence norms, the shoes are both comfortable and fun. We can see them worn with a pair of jeans, or even spicing up a more serious outfit. After all, what is fashion if not daring?

The Kenzo SS2015 men’s collection prides itself on beingKenzo Capture_One_Session3415_97 an ode to Parisian men, whose way of dressing has, over time, inspired the masses to borrow and assimilate the key codes and rites of their wardrobe. However, we were disappointed by the collection which borrows from way too many shapes and colours to form outfits that might look fun on the runway but are barely wearable in “real life”, even by the most daring Parisian fashion buff. We did like the sky blue duffle bag, a fresh, light bag turned satchel that would be perfect for a day at the beach, a picnic on the grass or a casual trip to a summer destination. 

This blooming Spring and sunny Summer will certainly explode with colours and fresh vibes all around. Remains to be seen whether you will go for flashy or traditional. Either way, have fun with your outfit or accessories!