Tumi Brings a White-Out to New Tegra-Lite™ Collection

Tumi’s Lightest and Strongest, Adds Limited Edition Color to Line of Travel


Recently launched for the Spring 2012 season, the Tumi Tegra-Lite™ collection has set a new standard in the travel industry with the use of Milliken & Company’s Tegris®material. First launched in graphite, Tumi will introduce Tegra-Lite in a limited edition white color. The cases will be offered in the international carry-on and medium sizes.

Tegra-Lite combines an industrial aesthetic with a design that is 65% lighter than fiberglass composites and up to 15 times the impact resistance of typical thermoplastic composites, far exceeding other comparable hard sided cases on the market today.

The new travel collection uses Milliken’s Tegris thermoplastic composite material to enhance the overall performance characteristics of the cases. Working together, the two companies have combined their expertise in performance materials and manufacturing to design, develop and launch this new Tumi line.

Due to its excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio and exceptional impact performance, Tegris has a wide variety of useful applications, including use in watercrafts, motorsport vehicles and protective armor. Additionally, Tegris offers:

  • Impact Resistance – Tegris provides two to 15 times the improvement in impact resistance over typical thermoplastic and thermoplastics composites. It is used as an armor solution against ballistic threats.
  • Recyclability – Tegris is fully compatible with polypropylene recycle streams.
  • Glass-Free – Tegris is free from the safety and processing issues associated with glass-filled composites, namely skin irritation and tool wear.
  • Design Flexibility – Tegris allows for the creation of a wide variety of composite structures. A single layer of Tegris fabric is 0.005″ (0.132 mm) thick and weighs 0.02 lbs/ft² (0.11 Kg/m²), which enables composites to be “tuned” to a high degree of precision based on impact or stiffness requirements.