S.T.Dupont celebrates the Chinese New Year

2014 is the year of the HORSE, the Wood Horse more precisely, in the Chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horse Symbolism

HORSE_Prestige_pen_blackOccupying the 7th position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse symbolizes such character traits as strength, energy, and an outgoing nature. Extremely animated, Horses thrive when they’re the center of attention. Always in search of a good time, Horses keep the crowds happy with their humor and their wit. The Horse is a symbol of nobility, intelligence and perseverance. It said that people born in the Year of the Horse are smart, fabulous speakers who have a gift for getting through to other people. They believe that their aim in life is “to seek individual freedom and happiness.”


S.T.Dupont’s HORSE Limited Edition pays tribute to this inspiring creature with a collection of unique writing instruments, lighters and accessories featuring two exclusive series:


HORSE_Premium_cuff_linksCreated in partnership with the French jeweller Philippe Tournaire, S.T.Dupont combines once again bold inspiration with its exceptional know-how and expertise entirely hand made.

The HORSE Prestige collection is composed of a pen, lighter and ashtray, each limited to 88 pieces.

Hand sculpted on a Néo-Classique President fountain pen, made in black Chinese lacquer, the yellow gold plated Horse with a splendid mane on the top of the pen comes to its full magnitude. The horse’s eyes are set with two diamonds of 0.4 carats.

The same vivid sculpture is decorating the iconic Ligne 2 lighter in yellow gold finishes.


Both, pen and lighter, sit on a sculpted base in yellow bronze with a burnished hand patina bearing an engraved plate.

The ashtray, also in yellow bronze, is sculpted in the round featuring 2 horses in the middle standing on their back legs.


The Premium collection is composed of a Néo-Classique large pen, the iconic Ligne 2 lighter and cuff links numbered out of 888 pieces each.

Each item shows S.T.Dupont’s unique savoir-faire as Master lacquerer: a golden horse is embedded in six layers of black Chinese lacquer.