Made-To-Measure: A Personalized Approach to Lanvin Suits

Since the mid-1980s, this service allows a way of personalizing men’s tailoring halfway between a full bespoke service and ready-to-wear clothing. The manufacturing process is also halfway as the initial elements are factory-produced with the final alterations made by hand.

20120312-lanvin(menatelier)-0413(1bw)Since Lucas Ossendrijver’s arrival has brought a new more contemporary cut, the Profile line. Making the most of the house’s expertise in the field, this concentrates the essence of the Lanvin suiting design. Fitted and devoid of darts, it is available alongside the timeless classic cut. This service is aimed at men looking for personalization, comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Unlike a full bespoke service, made-to-measure adapts existing designs according to the client’s measurements. The information is logged on cards requiring fifty or so variables. During the final fitting, the last alterations are done by hand to ensure a perfect silhouette.

Made-to-measure is as much an alternative to ready-to-wear as an answer to those who know exactly what clothing they are looking for. Respecting the identity and quality of Lanvin suits, this department has grown with the house.


The service offers a wide range of fabrics in varying weights for Winter and Summer. Of these 16 books, 4 are permanently on offer, with a more traditional selection of styles. Seasonal fabrics are also essential for regular customers who find a varied palette: 350 fabrics are chosen for the shirts every season, and 1200 to 1500 for the suits. All types of textures are available including linen, grosgrain, plain, small checks…

The available models provide remarkable options when it comes to buttons, pockets and flaps. There are 19 designs of jackets, 4 tuxedos, 7 cuffs, and the number of shirt collars offers 11 variations.

20120312-lanvin(menatelier)-0041(0bw)The collection of course takes into account local and geographical specifications whilst maintaining its stylistic integrity for excellence, quality and elegance. Customers in London, Monaco, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow or Dubai can all benefit from the same care as their French counterparts.

Made-to-measure is useful for balancing out a silhouette by minimizing its defects, for personalizing a wardrobe and getting a taste for bespoke. Although the selection of fabrics and cuts is more limited, it still allows for extensive personalization.