International Jewellery Week: First Precious Stone Bathtum Sold at AED6.4Million

While priceless gemstones and dazzling jewellery collections continue to be top sellers at this year’s Dubai International Jewellery Week, it was the sale of the world’s first gemstone bathtub that had the show abuzz yesterday.  Selling for a staggering AED6.4 million, the Le Grand Queen bathtub is created from a rare and precious Caijou gemstone that is renowned for its strong healing benefits.

The Caijou Group’s Sales & Marketing Director, Reka Peresa said: “The Caijou gemstone bathtub is a unique luxury object, crafted out of one of the strongest healing stones in the world.  Ancient Chinese, Arab and Egyptian civilizations knew of this stone’s beauty and its healing ability, having stored over 100 million years of energy from the earth and universe. This is our first ever sale worldwide and we are delighted it was made at the Dubai International Jewellery Week.  The response we’ve received here has been wonderful.”

This year’s event features over 300 exhibitors from 27 countries, for a truly global collection of jewellery pieces and industry expertise.