There is light at the end of every tunnel. And while it might feel like it’s taking forever to reach the Covid-19 tunnel exit, we have started seeing that light trickle through bit by bit. As some cities around the globe lift lockdowns and ease restrictions, malls and boutiques are welcoming eager shoppers again -while adhering to safety measures of course. But so far, it seems that online shopping and e-commerce are taking the win. Whether in here or out there, we’re eyeing a few cool things we -and probably you- wouldn’t mind having around. Fabric sneakers for the upcoming warm weather, an embroidered sweatshirt for a fancy day/night-in, a home barista, a mini console and a perfect home-office cabinet to WFH.

LV Stitch Print & Embroidered T-Shirt

Perfect for times of boredom where connecting numbers on your sweatshirt would sound like (acceptable) fun, this graphic, soft brushed-back 100% cotton Louis Vuitton sweatshirt combines printing and embroidery to form a giant LV signature on your chest.

Inspired by kids’ join-the-dots games, the printed numbers are connected with stitching to form the motif, with uneven overlapping producing a textured, hand-crafted effect. For even more quirkiness, a reversed woven Louis Vuitton label is sewn on the back, below the nape of the neck. One more thing to do while staying at home: unleash your inner child.

Available at: Louis Vuitton Boutiques and online store

Loro Piana Modular Walk Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, staying at home shouldn’t discount comfort -or style for that matter! The very-sunny season and slowly setting-in warm-to-hot weather call for white sneakers. The Loro Piana “Modular Walk” sneakers are both fresh -design elements from traditional deck shoes- and fancy, with their Aqualight technical fabric, with suede and nappa calf-leather touches on the toe and heel.

The fabric insole and rubber sole of the sneakers offer supreme comfort, while the distinctive design in its exclusive construction makes them fit for a casual or chic look, for the SS2020 season.

Available at: Loro Piana The Dubai Mall and online store

SMEG Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Let’s face it, we’ve all been needing a caffeine kick more than usual these days. Whether in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up -or in my case, both- popping by Starbucks, Angelina or Bateel for. quick coffee break isn’t as easy as it used to be. So, coffee at home it is.

The vibrant red SMEG Drip Filter Coffee Machine in its retro 50s style makes brewing at home so much more fun! It allows you to prepare deliciously aromatic and richly-flavored coffee from the comfort of your kitchen. The Programmable Automatic Start and Keep Warm options make the whole process easier, especially during mornings where you find getting out a bed a bit harder to fathom. It also exists as an espresso machine.

Available at: various shops and online platforms including Betterlifeuae

Nintendo Switch

Lately, all the talk has been about WFH. What about PFH? Play From Home that is. If you don’t know what a Nintendo is, you’re clearly way too young… And boy did you miss out! The game maker’s consoles accompanied the childhood of many of us. And now, they’re back in full force! The Nintendo Switch Lite is currently the perfect gaming companion: compact and lightweight, it’s great for on-the-go entertainment as it travels with you from one room to another, while that PS keeps you glued to your couch all day and night. The Switch Lite is compatible with the wide pool of Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode.

Available at: Virgin Megastores and Virigin Megastore online

The Lassoudry Home Office

This one is for staying in, on full WFH mode. The Lassoudry Home Office is a piece of space-saving furniture that guarantees you can hide your “office” once done with work. Constructed as a cabinet that includes a desk and shelves for organizing all sorts of items, it also has space for a computer, laptop, or monitor, with a top shelf for your printer. The upside: all cables are hidden at the back, keeping your area nice and tidy. Just close the door and poof, your office disappears!

The creative design studio based in Basel, Switzerland, believes in the power of great ideas, and we believe this home office is one.

More info at: