Chrome United by Azaro

For men, friendship only has meaning when it is whole, complete, strong and lasting. This friendship between men is mainly expressed and built through action, epic bouts of braver y, and often in an activity based on a shared passion: poker games, gastronomy, music or on a playing field… all of these little moments add up to a real carpe diem attitude, dear to philosophers who see this as the essence of happiness.

Friendship is even becoming the ultimate safe haven in a time when the foundations of society are being shaken and talk of “gloom and doom” is omnipresent… hence the need to come together with positive values and a selfless spirit.


Chrome United the fragrance of friendship

Inspired by the joyful atmosphere of a trip to the beach, Chrome United celebrates a shared moment of friendship.

To quench a thirst for adventure and escape, a flight of light: the fresh and spicy union of Sichuan pepper and coriander harmoniously melds with bergamot, borrowed from the original creation.

Infused with a sensation of summery well-being, the tea-green heart of the fragrance combines the woody-smoky charisma of Ceylon black tea with a vegetal explosion of violet leaf.

The rich and subtle dry down of a musky-woody accord immortalizes an escapade amongst friends: sweet and sensual white musk, borrowed from the original Chrome, becomes one with cedar wood.

A fresh, woody musky fragrance by Richard Ibanez for Robertet.


The bottle

“The color blue is a part of who I am: the sky, the sea, the color of my eyes, the color that suits me. Blue is my color.” Loris Azzaro Chrome United reinterprets the Chrome bottle in dense, solid glass, like the strength of true feelings. The electric blue stem of the spray contrasts with the Loris Azzaro blue tinted fragrance, recalling the strong bond that unites men in friendship.

The collection

To accompany men in their escapades and prolong moments of relaxation:

  • Eau de Toilette, 100, 50 and 30 ml sprays
  • After Shave Balm, 75 m

Chrome United, inspired by Loris Azzaro, a man who knew the true meaning of friendship

When developing Chrome in 1996, Loris Azzaro drew inspiration from the implicit bond that connects all men, ranging from his precious affinity with his grandson to the indestructible feelings that unite a father and his son. A forerunner of fresh woody aquatic scents, this getaway fragrance distills a singular and noble freshness, at once vivifying and comforting. From the couturier who shook up fashion in the 70’s to the passionate grandfather, Loris stands out with his love for others, his attachment to his friends and to authentic, real and steadfast feelings… as resilient as chrome.