HAUTLENCE Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary with Eric Cantona: On the wings of a butterfly…

541861bd-9771-49e8-96e9-28ca054279bfIntrigued by every form of artistic expression, Eric Cantona, a multi-faceted aesthete, and HAUTLENCE, the brand known for timepieces with a powerful, architectural design, share a special sensitivity to design. Like its name, an anagram of the brand’s home town of Neuchâtel, HAUTLENCE is expert at mixing things up and providing a decidedly different way of seeing things.

This talent has given rise to a new self-winding chronograph model, designed and developed in tandem by Guillaume Tetu, CEO and co-founder of the brand and Eric Cantona and proudly named INVICTUS – from the Latin phrase meaning “unbeaten and unbeatable” and Morphos from the butterfly of the same name. This is a bold, ambitious name that is perfectly in harmony with the values embodied by Eric Cantona and the HAUTLENCE man – and which represents a watch that is unlike any other.

Kicking off the tenth anniversary celebrations

1afcf41d-581c-4dcb-a0d0-fa533b1c2c8dThe inauguration of the CROSS THE LINE World Tour took place in Neuchâtel, in the magnificent setting of the Centre Dürrenmatt, where HAUTLENCE hosted the Swiss and European press, as well as its distributors, trade partners, suppliers and friends.

531909f2-2076-43e6-b809-f5ddd386fc05A keen art lover, Eric Cantona started his collection when he was just 22 years old and today has more than a hundred works. He has committed to placing a selection of these at the disposal of HAUTLENCE in order to demonstrate his artistic sensibility. This is a lesser known side to his personality which directs him in his creations, be it in the fields of movies, photography, painting, literature or even in terms of designing HAUTLENCE products.

As part of a veritable invitation to reflect on the passing of time, HAUTLENCE has thus selected street art creations, bringing these works as part of a travelling exhibition entitled the CROSS THE LINE World Tour.

Alongside the works from Eric Cantona’s collection, as part of this exceptional event, HAUTLENCE pays tribute to the iconic creations that have been the backbone of its reputation since 2004, as well as timepieces from its current collection and watches produced in partnership with Eric Cantona. The exhibition will be progressively enriched with the launches of different models resulting from the partnership with the star.