A Mezmerizing World With Fernando Manso

Deriving its meaning from the SpanishLuz Oxidada bridge language, Luz Oxidada translates to rusty or oxidized light – demonstrating an overall theme captured throughout the photographs. In this series, Fernando Manso depicts sites, settings, structures and scenery spanning the continents of Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. He reveals a melodic connection between plants, minerals and liquids, giving the scenes sound and feel through the power of his images. He exudes the warmth of sunrises and analyzes the tides, capturing landscapes with impressive realism.

Luz Oxidada NY

Manso’s practice of minimalism in his art is accentuated by the color composition that remains consistent throughout his work. Based on the photographic technique of long exposure, the images instil the viewer with an awe-inspiring feeling of tranquility and solitude. The artist undoubtedly has an eye for creating beautiful compositions, combining nature and society by capturing reality in transformative ways.

Luz Oxidada / April 22-30, 2015

RIRA gallery, Gate Village Bldg. 3, DIFC

04 369 9339 / info@riragallery.com