Patek Philippe’s 175th Anniversary – Celebrating The Past And The Future!

The week-long celebrations started with a luxurious trip from Dubai to Geneva, and was full of interesting discoveries and unique activities.

Our journey back in time was initiated at the event where a Patek Philippe manufacture setting was displayed in a vast room, elaborated by 3D mapping on the walls surrounding us. Brining us back to reality, the manufacture’s honorary president, Philippe Stern, and his son and current president Thierry took the floor, welcoming guests to this special occasion. The show then kicked off with Thierry gesturing towards the orchestra with a maestro stick and launching a live performance synched with the wall projections.

We were then guided to a second large room where a festive setup housed the gala dinner and preview of the watches, some of which stood out in particular: the Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175, Chiming Jump Hour Ref. 5275, World Time Moon Refs. 5575 & 7175 and Multi-Scale Chronograph Refs. 5975 & 4675.

A live choreography accompanying the visuals kept us entertained during the meal, casting an artistic spell over the audience. We also took a stroll in an old room where wooden beams held up the ceiling, giving it an “antique” feel; there, we admired displays of beautiful enamel dials, adorned with motifs of colourful paintings of lateen-rigged sailboats and the Bol d’Or Regatta, one of Europe’s foremost inland sailing competitions.

Patek Philippe also wanted to celebrate its birthplace, Geneva, and invited us on an unforgettable discovery of the city on the sidelines of its anniversary celebrations.