Hublot’s $10 Million Collection for 10 Years of Big Bang!

The unique “anniversary” collection is a first for Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.09.40 PMHublot; including ten watches each priced at $1 million, it still conveys the art of fusion concept that combines objects and materials which aren’t usually paired, and brings together past and future, while being embellished with precious stones. Impressive and meticulous work went into setting 653 black baguette diamonds totalling 41.84 cts on the full black diamond version, 653 baguette diamonds of 40.02 cts for the full white diamond version, 653 baguette diamonds and blue baguette sapphires totalling 40.41 cts on the blue sapphire version, and 653 baguette diamonds and baguette rubies of 40.93 cts for the ruby version.



Hublot used three of the most complex settingScreen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.10.04 PM techniques in the industry to ornament the bezel, crown and dial: invisible setting, Clou de Paris setting and rail setting, requiring over 350 hours of work per piece. The bezel is set with invisible inverted trapeziums, a highly complex method due to the absence of material between the baguettes. The flange colour on the bezel of each piece recalls the colour of the indices and the strap push-pieces, adding to the harmony of the ensemble. The counter surroundings on the dial are also stone-set, constituting another first for Hublot. Each piece features a total of 132 baguettes with invisible setting, 127 set on a rail and 394 with a Clou de Paris setting, and is completed by a black alligator strap. This fine watchmaking requires 400 hours of research, development and production to produce one piece: an impressive amount of patience and time!


“Nothing can be born without a good idea,” said Jean-Claude Biver. His “good” Big Bang idea was born in 2005 when he came up with the name “Big Bang”, and now, ten years later, a great idea has seen the light in a fine jewellery watch collection!