Horologists’ Paradise

Welcome to the exquisite Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, where some of the most elegant and finely crafted timepieces are exhibited.
The museum houses over five centuries of watchmaking antiquities and mechanical marvels. More than a finely curated gallery, it is a tribute to the magnificent world of watchmaking, detailing centuries of engineers emphasising on perfecting precise mechanics. The prestigious creations of master watchmakers adorn the multi-level museum, including the ground floor where one can witness a watchmaker assemble a timepiece in a workshop setting.
It’s an easy decision to visit the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva –a must for watch experts and novices alike. The only difficult decision here will be which displays to cede your awe-inspired attention to.
We visited the first and second floors but unfortunately could not film on the 3rd as it was being prepared for the 175th anniversary. It will be ready by the time you visit and we are sure you will admire the achievements as we did.
We invite you to take a tour through the history of horology with us. Enjoy!